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Are you looking to compare SIM only deals? Then take advantage of our simple-to-use comparison tool to help you compare over 14 different providers and the SIM only deals that they are currently offering. Our system compares the best SIM only deals from well-known SIM only carriers such as giffgaff, BT, EE, Three and Vodafone.

Simply enter your criteria, such as how many minutes and texts you need, then pick your network and we’ll find the best SIM only deal available. Open to more options? Simply leave out an option such as the network and our comparison tool will quickly and easily compile a list of options for you so that you can make an informed decision when you take out a SIM only deal.

Phone plans vs SIM only deals

SIM only deals are perfect for those that DO NOT need a new phone. If you’ve already purchased a phone and want to just get a SIM card then a SIM only deal is the best option because it only takes into account your minutes, texts and data. You don’t need to pay extra for a phone and you can often get some fantastic deals such as unlimited text, data and minutes for a fantastic price that you won’t find in stores.

While phone plans still have their place especially if you don’t have a phone yet or want to upgrade your current one, SIM only deals are an excellent value and you can often find handsets on sale in other stores. If you’re willing to shell out the entire price for a new phone then a SIM only deal is a great way to save money in the long term and get the exact usage limits that you need.

How many minutes, texts and data are best?

This is something that will be entirely up to you. We compile a huge list of the best SIM only deals to help you make an informed decision, but the number of minutes, texts and data you need will depend on your personal use cases. For instance, if you rarely call or text using regular SMS then you can afford to reduce the number of texts and minutes you have. If you’re more interested in data, then choosing an unlimited data plan will give you unlimited access to social media, YouTube and even Netflix.

In our SIM only comparison data, we have hundreds of fantastic deals for you to pick from that can easily be sorted with our filter tools. With them, you can find the ideal SIM only plan for your needs no matter how specific they are.

Why more data is a good thing

You’ll notice that many of the SIM only deals on our comparison tool sport unlimited texts and minutes. This is because more people value data usage than anything thanks to apps like WhatsApp and social media which gobbles up most of your usage. This is why it’s important to choose a SIM only plan with more data if possible especially if you plan to use the internet a lot.

No matter what needs you have, our comparison tool will make it easy for you to find the best SIM only deals.

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